2019 Disney Trip

The Leo Band travels to Walt Disney World every 3 to 4 years so everyone has at least one opportunity to attend this fun and educational trip. 
 Any Band student wishing to go on the Disney trip must have all band fees for the Fall Marching Season paid in full, along with the cost of the trip.
This year the band will be traveling November 26th - December 1, 2019.  
Students will explore 3 Disney parks along with Universal Studios & Islands of Adventure.  Students will performing in a parade while at The Magic Kingdom (the parade will not be televised) and participating in a Performing Arts Workshop with Disney musicians.  The band will leave the workshop with a recording of themselves playing a song from a scene in a Disney movie.
We encourage parents to be chaperones, however, this isn't a family vacation.  Non-band member siblings are not allowed on the bus.  Families with other children, who are wanting to participate in this trip, are asked to find their own transportation and lodging.  You may be able to get lodging in the same Hotel, but will need to act quickly to reserve a room(s) once a hotel has been selected by the travel agent.


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