Pep Band - X & Z (Girls vs Northside)
Leo Band Events
12.11.2021 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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Gabe Foss (Flute)
Elissa Wiler (Flute)
Brynn Cole (Flute)
Levi Pence (Clarinet)
Gabrielle Easterly (Clarinet)
Will Lents (Alto)
Elizabeth Anglin (Alto)
Clara Schumann (Horn)
Benjamin Peters (Trumpet)
Camden Myers (Trumpet)
TeAna Davilla (Trumpet)
Dylan Slattery (Trombone)
Jayden Verdoux (Baritone)
Emersen Swineheart (Bari Sax)
Korban Miller (Percussion)
Layla Mulks (Percussion)

Laeni Couch (Flute)
Taylor Williams (Flute)
Brian Myers (Clarinet)
Elizabeth Shuff (Clarinet)
Mallory Michmerhuizen (Alto)
Danielle Ngo (Alto)
Lucas Lovellette (Horn)
Jacob Martin (Trumpet)
AJ Yauchler (Trumpet)
Connor McCoy (Trumpet)
Adrian Simms (Trumpet)
Andrew Zehr (Trombone)
Miles Coles (Baritone)
Jake Neubauer (Tuba)
Logan Greene (Percussion)
Bryson Kinsey (Percussion)


Substitution Policy
If a student needs to miss a game for an Excused Absence, they can fill out a Sub form. Sub Forms require the student to indicate what game date they will be swapping, what the reason is, and who will be filling their spot. The Sub must play the same instrument as the person missing. Both the sub and the student missing the game will need to sign the form and turn it into Mr. Black at least one day before the game. Sub forms turned in on the day of the game will not be accepted.

Pep band is a required co-curricular ensemble at Leo Jr/Sr High School. Attendance at games and rehearsals is mandatory and affects your grade in Band. Work and not having a ride are not excused absences!

Behavior Expectations During Games
Students are expected to be standing up and involved in the game as it is played. Phone and other electronic device use* is not permitted during the game. We are there to create Home Court advantage for our team and entertain our crowd. It is very hard to do that when our focus is buried in a screen. 3rd quarter of the game is off for the band just like for football games. The band will always stay until the conclusion of the varsity game.

*This extends to anything that would distract from a student's engagement in the game. Card games, homework, reading a book, etc. are all not allowed except during the 3rd quarter.

All percussionists will play drum set on a rotating basis. We will sit down as a section and determine who will be playing what songs. Some song overlap will be necessary so we always have someone ready to play. When now playing Drumset, a Marching Bass Drum and 2 small hand percussion instruments such as Tambourine, Cowbell, etc. will be used.

Report Time
Report times are approximate and will be clarified in the days leading up to each game. Student should be ready for rehearsal when they arrive. These rehearsal times are critical, as they allow us to expand the number and variety of songs we can play games. Late arrivals will affect your grade.

Leo apparel is required for all Pep Band games. Purple polos are allowed, but not required. Clothing should be in school colors. Sunglasses and face paint are allowed.