Band Competition - ISSMA Regionals (Chesterton High School)
Leo Band Events
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Schedule for Saturday, October 16
ISSMA Regionals - Chesterton High School

  • 9:30a - Rehearsal Begins
  • 11:30a - Rehearsal Finishes, Load Trailers, Students Eat
  • 12:45p - Depart from Leo Jr/Sr HS
  • 3:25p - Arrive at Chesterton HS (2:25p CST)
  • 4:25p - Depart for Physical Warmup (3:25p CST)
  • 4:50p - Physical Warm-up (3:50p CST)
  • 6:00p - Perform!!! (5:00p CST)
  • 8:45p - Awards (7:45p CST)
  • 9:15p - Depart from Chesterton HS (8:15p CST)
  • 11:45p-12:15a - Arrive at Leo Jr/Sr HS, Unload Trailers, and head home
The Food Committee will provide a taco bar for the students on Saturday, 11:30a-12:30p. Please sign up here to help with food this weekend: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0f4cacab28a2f9cf8-issma

Download schedule here: https://bit.ly/306J6Zc-----------------------------------------------------------------
Bus Policies:
Students are required to ride the bus to competitions.Students are not allowed to drive themselves to a competition. Notes from parents/guardians will be accepted if a student would like to ride home with a parent, however students are responsible for arranging with their section or friends to make sure their uniform/equipment/instrument are taken care of.

Students will have an assigned seat on the bus which will be the same throughout the entire season for COVID tracing purposes.

Masks are required to be worn on buses. This includes adults/chaperones on the buses.

  • Parade - Khaki Shorts, Band Polos, Black Socks, and Marching Shoes. Sunglasses allowed.
  • Contests
    • Show Shirt, Athletic Shorts, Black Socks, and Marching Shoes.
    • Sunglasses are not allowed. (Transitional lenses are okay.)
    • Hair: Long hair must be worn “up” and not fall onto the collar of the uniform jacket. Be ready with hair ties, bobby pins, whatever it takes.
    • Jewelry: While in uniform, no jewelry should be worn. Earrings should be removed and replaced with clear studs or left open when possible.
Concessions will be available at the Bluffton Stadium after we finish performing. Please bring cash if you would like to buy something.

Behavior as Spectators:
While watching another band perform, you should be the kind of audience member you would want in the stands watching you. Be quiet and watch their show closely. Clap and cheer at the loud and exciting moments, be silent during the quiet ones. Band contests are a chance to support each other and other bands. Never speak negatively of another group. It doesn’t matter if their clarinets are out of tune or if a guard member drops a toss, you need to silently pull for them to be successful and have a great show regardless.

End of Evening Protocol:
No one leaves Leo Jr/Sr High School until everything is unloaded and put away. The more you help, the faster we all get to go home. Do not leave the Percussion hanging with all of their equipment when you might have something as small as a Flute or Trumpet to carry. You’ve had a long day, you want to go home. So do they. Band together, no pun intended.